Data Monster

[day-tuh mon-stuh] noun

1. A magical human who turns data into clever and compelling information

2. A lovely techie who explains complex processes in straightforward language over a cup of tea

3. A commercial brain that wants to help your business grow by finding magic in every byte


Our Approach

There's Magic In Data

Our unique approach combines extensive marketing and commercial experience with data and analysis expertise to deliver outstanding value for your business. We help you unlock the potential in your data - wherever it is - so you can make evidence-based decisions.

Customer Analysis

Who are your customers? Which ones are the most profitable? Which ones cost you most? Who should you target for faster growth? We’ll work with you to understand the biggest questions and most valuable answers, and then design and deliver a solution. We’re agile, so we start small and deliver value quickly.

Clean Data

A data warehouse can sound a bit scary – they’re usually expensive and they almost never get completed. We work differently. We’ll start small, building clean, smart and trusted data sets and dashboards you can rely on. As you grow we’ll help you to expand your reports and dashboards according to your business needs.

Analytics and Visualisations

We’ll create whizzy drilldown dashboards that answer your key questions at a glance, viewable wherever you are. We recommend Microsoft Power BI, as it’s cost effective and user-friendly and we like to keep things simple.

Our skills and services

We eat data for breakfast

We love data. The unlocked potential it contains is huge and we can't think of anything better than helping you turn it into actionable insights. We have seen firsthand the positive impact real business intelligence can have on an organisation, from product strategy to 5 year business plans, and it's our mission to spread the joy.

Marketing Analytics

Platforms & Services

From Google Analytics to Mixpanel, Hotjar and Heap. Whatever software you work with, we can advise on how to combine their data effectively for your business. If you don't have a marketing analytics platforms yet, we can help.

Data Warehouse

Tell your story

We've delivered data warehouse solutions for PLCs and for small startups. Our approach is tailored to your commercial needs and we're all about getting value quickly. No more long projects that never live up to their potential.


Extract, Transform, Load

One of our passions, and something we thoroughly enjoy, we can do this as a one-off if you prefer. This means you won't have to wait too long for the answers you need, and it will help you prove value and develop a business case.


Business Intelligence made Visual

If smartphone dashboards are essential, we'll focus on those - or maybe you want drill-down dashboards for your board. We'll dig into your requirements for data visualisation, and deliver a solution tailored to your needs.


Supporting your team

We want to ensure that when our time with you is over, the impact is sustained. This means mentoring members of your team to help continue the good work. We will work with technical and non-technical staff during the process, and our advice can be continued on a retainer basis.


Quick questions, fast answers

We know from experience that sometimes you just need to prove value, and quickly. If you have ad hoc questions, like "who are my most profitable customers" or "do men or women access the gym more at weekends" we can help.

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